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No… The only one that is most likely male is Maromayu-san the attire he wears is for male attendants. I feel I should point out that, as of at least a few days ago, neko atsume is openly available to westerners on the Play Store. You mentioned strength, but which area is that? Thank you so much for the guide! I recently downloaded this game and your guide has been extremely helpful. I just wanted to let you know that my version 1.

Takes a little extra time but no biggie. Hopefully another patch will fix this. I created a facebook page for Neko Atsume: the backyard cats. I would like to publish some of your useful tips and guides to play it. Would you allow me to publish it? Just a quick question. Can I prop up my iPad, leave the app running and actually see cats leave and enter the garden, or do they only change when I open the app? Cats will only come if you leave your app running in the background or if you close your app completely, as far as I know!

All android on version 1.

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Thanks for the help! Any way to reverse this? Thanks so much for this tutorial! I lived in Japan as a child but that was a long time ago, so my Japanese is very rusty. Fortunately I remember the kanji stroke order well enough to use the Google translate app like you showed here so useful! Instead, I just get a black screen. Then when I paste in the word, I get a message which I translated using the Google translate app again saying there was an authentication failure.

I have version 1. It seems to work differently then both the examples you have described. Another person commented earlier with the suggestion of using an OCR app instead of google translate, so I would try that out to see if it works better! Let me know if you have any more questions, and I can ask around. Thanks so much for this! Thanks again! Are you sure you put food out for them? An empty bowl is the only thing that will prevent cats from coming. What does the bio say about the cats? Can u translate to English??

For now, I already translated this in an earlier comment. Thanks for your reply to the error message I was getting for the daily fish Android, version 1. I think one person above has a similar situation. First go to the News section in the main menu to see the daily password on a sign above the regular menu.

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I write that down on a piece of paper. Then I open up the Google Translate app and use the handwriting function to write the password. Once I go to the result page for that, it will allow me to copy the characters. Having copied the characters for the daily password, I then go back to the game and click on the bottom right icon in the main menu, the one with the envelope on it. Click on the top oval, and that brings me to a black page. The section at the top between the two horizontal blue lines is where the password characters need to be pasted. Then, there will be some more kanji characters below that in a grey rectangle.

That is how you enter the password. However when I enter the password it takes me back to the last place I was, and a couple of announcements appear presumably saying that I have entered the correct password and letting me know how many fish I got. Click on these to make them go away so you can return to the game. The whole black screen thing is completely different from the screenshots posted here so I thought a detailed description might be helpful. Sorry if this is too much of a bother but could u show what each goods for attracting the rare cats are?

I cant seem to find some… Thanks so much if u do:D.

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Hi, today i had a message an no cats; on the screen which appears every time i open the app iOS. Thanks in advance — and thank you for your guide. Hey, for anyone having trouble with the daily password on Android, the password is always published on the NekoAtsume subreddit. Thank you sooooo much for this! Or will they still be there?? Yes, the cats will leave. Your items will go back into your inventory as well because the positions of the items will change with each theme. Aside from screencapping the way your phone allows you to, the game will save photos directly to your gallery if you choose to take a photo via the camera option in the menu.

Just tap the icon with one or two hills to take a picture of your garden. Pingback: neko atsume clover,love. Reblogged this on Chocolate Dazed and commented: For those addicted like me. Pingback: Smitten: Neko Atsume. By the way, can you let me know which parts of the game you need help with! This is a great game but there is one problem.

When I try to take a picture of my cats, a full black photo appears instead of the cat. Is there a way to fix this? Do you have apple or android? I am not playing this game yet, though a friend is, and I am following her updates with great interest. Very impressive!

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You can either upload your picture using another website like imgur or gyazo , or you can send it to me via Twitter! Hi I just started playing and added an extension to the garden. A message popped up. Many thanks for your help. Can you take a screencap of the Japanese message? I know it may seem a bit long, but it takes me about 30 seconds to do this, depending on the connection. Anything that requires me typing it kicks me out basically. Super helpful tips guide. Can you help?? Sorry for my late reply! But version 1. Hopefully glitches have been fixed… Let me know if the update will resolve this glitch.

Pingback: Episode 3 — Crazy Cat Podcast. Like instead of the cartoony look of Neko Atsume, Every Day is Cat Day had much more realistic graphics at least, as realistic as the PS1 could make them.

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I guess I was still pretty young back then, haha. Pingback: desk lunch — Michelle Vider. I noticed this morning that they have updated some of the layout is the shopping area and added some new items. Also, I noticed this when I got the free fish this morning. Can you please tell us what it means? Hi — thanks for your reply. It also now has each item marked with either an L in a red square or an S in a blue square. New items featured are a ball that looks like a watermelon, a box that resembles a cafe, some matts — one is square and silverfish and one is square and looks like lime green marble maybe they are mouse pads!

Thank you so much for supplying this guide and walk through — it has been very helpful! I feel like half the game is taking cute photos of your favorite cats playing with different toys. One of the new cats is a pharaoh that comes to the Egyptian pyramid. His name is Sphynx-San, I think. I love this game! It has made my gameplay much more enjoyable. Very helpful! I have one question, how do you paste the password in? Thanks so much!! I was able to wipe my phone to factory settings and resume playing the game from a backup.

But let me ask my friends first! This entire walkthrough was super helpful, thank you so much! Have you found what attracts the newly added cats yet? The rare cats are: Sphinx-san with the pyramid tent and Cafe-san with the deluxe cafe! Yes, still have to type in daily password on android. Thanks for confirming for me! An orange cat with a black hat and a black and white striped shirt showed up in the back of my garden. Does anyone know what that means???

I love watching them but I like the hunt of enticing them and collecting pictures. Any idea how often the update and add new cats?? I love this app! They usually announce it on their Twitter, but even general tweets are sporadic. This is super helpful! Thank you! If you go to your inventory and tap on any food items, there will be highlighted spots in your garden, indicating where you can place food.

I also included a screencap within the guide of an expanded garden of thedefault theme to show where items and food can be placed. OMG thank you so muchhhh!!!!!! Hello, thanks for your useful tips :3 I just started to play this game Android, version 1. Whenever I type the password e. If this keeps happening, I suggest going to reddit to see if you can find a solution! I'll ask my friends who use Android to see if they can help. And see if that will help. I can the next time I update. No, you need to purchase the expansion first.

Pingback: Welcome! One request, if I may: If possible, could you post full screenshots of each of the remodels? I am much further along on my iPad and purchased the first remodel listed. I am now concentrating on buying gold sardine toys to attract rare cats rather than saving for the I need for another remodel. I love the game by the way I was just wondering if you can change the entire game to english.

It will take at least a few minutes, and you need to close your app or leave it idle in the background for more cats to come. Okay thank you so much for helping me. New cats are coming in each minute I leave the game this website has helped me a lot so thank you so much for making this website and I wil be sure that I let everyone I know know about the game. Than you soooo much for making this website. Do I have to pay for more money for my kitties or earn it? You cannot sell items. More money will come when cats visit, so you just have to be patient. This game was designed to be slow-paced.

I also explained how receiving sardines work and how you can possibly earn more above in the walkthrough. Hi thank you for this. Just wondering if there would be a way to transfer game data from an old phone to a new phone? Hi Thank you for the instructions! How do I get the bowl please? Go to your inventory and tap on any food you have. Your entire garden will be highlighted with spots you can and cannot place food, so put the food where it allows you to.

What is a sakuru chirimen? Oops, that was a typo. Osamurai-san uses the sakura zabuton, which is the flat pink cushion. Thanks for pointing it out for me! Thank you for all this information. Every time i try to rename a cat it kicks me out. I try this over and over and same result. I just got this game maybe three days ago. Anyways, now when I play it, a notification shows up. I can tap out of it but it always comes back.

The cats that were here yesterday never left, the foot bowl is still the same amount of full, and no new cats have come. If you have a screencap of the notice, I can read the Japanese and tell you what it says because getting just the translation from google translate is usually confusing as hell. Have you manually changed the time on your phone at all since starting the game, or is your phone jailbroken?

Love this guide! Pingback: Episode 98 - Cat Collecting - Dorkadia. Hello, can I ask, after taking a landscape photo where do I find it? Can you not rename certain cats? Or can you just not click on the rare ones? You can rename rare cats. For Tatejima-san at least, you might have to click around him, like even on the baseball, for his profile to pop up.

With this, you can just copy-paste the whole katakana-kanji word. I change my phone clock and there is this strange notifucation appears and idk the meaning ww can someone help? If you can give me a screenshot of the Japanese, I can tell you what it says. I tried changing the toys around to see if that helped, but nothing.

Ahh thank you so much for this guide!!! It helped me a lot even though i just started playing today :p tysm for this! This has helped me with getting those daily presents to think how many I had missed before reading about that function! Wow, thank you so much for linking me back! Turns out all I had to do was complain online — already had 2 visits so now just waiting on Cream-san.

Amesho-san took 64 visits before dropping hers. Most of my other cats were either before 10 or just after 30 like you said in your guide. Geez, 64 times! I had no idea it took that many. I actually stopped playing this game like two weeks ago because I gave up waiting for all the treasures, haha. Thanks for letting me know about Amesho-san! It resets daily at midnight Japan time. If you want to, you can send me a screenshot via Twitter!

Pingback: Collecting Cats Tiana Feng. Can you tell me how die you backup your phone? I back my phone to my computer and not through iCloud. Hi, this is really helpful, thank you! Let me know if that helps! Hello, I bought the living room extension, and kind of figured out where the food should go but cannot put anything on this kind o low table … is there a way to had a picture in the comment to show you? Just go to your inventory and tap on any food you have.

Bandai Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector: Ouchi de Neko Atsume

Hope that helps! Aside from that the post was very very helpfull and thank you so much for spending some of your time helping others through the internet. Pic of little indoor table. But it has the sold stamp on it. What do I dooooooo??? Please halp! This tut helps me out a lot! The options for putting a theme on my garden are locked. Do I have to achieve something first in order to set a new theme?

First, you have to purchase the expansion of your garden, located in the shop. After that, the option to purchase themes will be available to you. Toward the beginning of the shopping menu like right after the food items, iirc , there will be two icons: silver fish and 10 gold fish. These cost 10 gold fish and silver fish respectively. Thank you for the information!! Do all cats leave sardines when they leave? Any way to fix this? You have to accept the sardines they leave you either by tapping the speech bubble next to your sardine amount at the bottom of the screen if there is no speech bubble, that means there are no sardines to accept or by tapping the sardines option in the menu right button on the middle row.

Just a thought! This is super helpful, thank you for making it! But I do have one request that maybe you can put up a list of the cats with a photo, their Japanese names and translated names. You were a big help in the beginning, so I came back looking for help with restoring the game data to a new device. Have you learned anything more about how it might work on Android? My friend said she seen them a question once in both English and google translated Japanese, and they replied to her in Japanese, haha. My first suggestion is definitely check out the neko atsume subreddit ;w;. This was very helpful as I played the game before the English version was released, thank you for the guide!

I do have a question though. As the items in the shop, for example : rubber balls or buckets, have different colours, red, yellow and blue, or more, do the different colours attract different cats? Yes, they do attract different cats! I ended up playing aggressively and had a lot of leftover money, so I ended up getting all the items eventually, hehe.

I listed this in the post, but you need to leave your app idle or closed before any cats will visit. Thank you for the amazing guide. Do you happen to know anything about that? Have a great day!! Can I ask which version you have and if you have Android or iOS? Sorry, I made a typo on my last comment. I have your version 1. Does the wooden board not appear at all? Try again after a day? Is there something wrong? Two other people have commented with the same problem. The game updated its iOS version last night to version 1.

I was able to see the daily password with both versions 1. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what do? I miss my kitties, I play it so long time, my treasure :. I do this with other apps, where I delete the app and redownload it in order to save some space. If I delete the app, will I lose all of my cats also? The English name is Billy the Cat, and you attract him with the cowboy hat.

The way I do it is that I back up my phone to my computer so that when I get my new phone, I just restore that particular backup. I also use iPhone! I wanna ask something. Can you help me?

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Thanks in advance! Just keep playing, or if you accumulate enough regular fish, then just exchange them for gold fish in the store. How do I expand my garden to the other side of the house? When I try to take a photo of the individual cat, not the whole garden the app crashes every time. If I to delete the app, will I lose my progress? Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advance for your help. But now that the app is in English, you can take your chances to report a bug. Tap this to copy it, and send an email to support hit-point. I am kind of worried. The is my first treasure from a cat.

Which is quite cute but right now I have a beach umbrella. Do I need to swap this out now and instead put in like a heater? Enjoyed your instructions regarding Neko cat game. Just started last night, had sev questions. Installed the game on my iPad 2 running iOS 9. Any advice? The game works fine on my Android phone. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common glitch. That, or just keep their default names. I have an android tablet E and i try to intall the game but every website i go to redirects me to google play store and it keeps saying either its not available in my country or its not compatible with any of my devices.

I have had many other apps that had the same pronlem but i could always find amother website to download it on but unfortunately its not the case with this one. Please help me i really want to play the game. As for it not being available in your country, you probably have to use a VPN. Thank you so much i could finally play the game and might i say its really fun and addictive.

Thanks alot for your help. The cat will leave, but they will still give you sardines! How can I expand?!!!! I just wanted to let you know that the game is not yet available in my country, Belgium. But if you could speed up the process somehow, I would really be grateful! My friend has some more items in shop than me.

Her shop is 34 pages while mine is 32, How can I expand my shop? My shop also has 34 pages. Are you sure you have the most recent update? The new update has some new items, and that would be the only way to expand your shop. If you got like the same new type of phone could you go back to the progress that was on the old phone on the new phone or would you have to completely restart on that new phone. I was able to continue my progress by restoring my phone from a backup from my computer, and i have iOS.

Accidentally deleted The app-can I restore it? Does the game crash normally because of a few minor bugs? I'd be so happy if you could help me download it ;u; I love the game, have a nice day! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. I wish this day would never end. Skip to content. How do I switch the language in Neko Atsume? How do I play Neko Atsume? How often do I need to refill the food? Thrifty bitz default : every eight hours Frisky bitz: every six hours Ritzy bitz: every three hours Bonito bitz: every three hours needs to be confirmed Deluxe tuna bitz: every three hours Sashimi: every three hours Ritzy bitz, bonito bitz, deluxe tuna bitz, and sashimi require gold sardines to purchase.

What does the menu say? Treasure Tap on the treasure to see its description How do I change the names of cats? How do I get rare cats to visit my garden? How do I buy items? You can also exchange gold fish for normal fish or vice versa if you need to. Where do I exchange normal sardines for gold sardines? How do I buy sardines with real money? Prices might vary in different countries.

What are the names of the items? Notes: Zabuton: a flat cushion used for sitting or kneeling on the floor Neko chigura: A type of cat house made of straw. Goza: A type of straw mat typically seen on top of tatami Chikuwa: Tube-shaped food made of fish paste. Mouse Mr. The layout and features of the album has kind of changed as of version 1. Take the picture as usual. How do I expand my garden? Also, you can only expand your house once. How to I remodel my garden? Tap on the top link to enter the password. Tap here to switch from keyboard input to handwritten input.

First, take a screencap of your Neko Atsume game with the daily password. Is there a way to stop Manzoku-san from eating my expensive food? Thanks to everyone who gave me a heads-up about this tip! If I leave my app open for long periods of time, will cats still visit? Can you transfer data between iOS and Android? As of right now, no.

What does the support ID do? Can my cats get fleas? The answer is NO. Like this: Like Loading This entry was posted in mobile , walkthrough and tagged neko atsume. Bookmark the permalink. April 3, at pm. April 6, at am. The new way to get daily fish works, no need to type in Japanese! Thanks for that tip!

April 10, at am. Matt says:. April 19, at am. April 19, at pm. Jessica says:. April 21, at pm. JD says:. April 23, at am. Your instructions have been so incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for your time. April 29, at pm. I put a food bowl there, and it seems to have done the trick! April 30, at pm.

Neko Atsume - Game Glitch

Stephanie says:. RoboticPenguin7 says:. May 1, at am. Can I ask what device you have? I can ask my friends to see if they have any solutions for you! May 3, at am. TomTom says:. May 1, at pm. Player5 says:. May 2, at am. Thanks so much for this tip!! Rachel88 says:. May 2, at pm. Jas says:. Teresa says:. Thanks for this detailed guide!

Confused says:. May 3, at pm. Thanks so much for the heads-up!! Thanks so much! Haxi says:. May 4, at pm. May 9, at pm. Thanks for visiting!! It was really fun making this guide, hehe ;w;. Haley says:. May 5, at pm. May 6, at am. Joanne Asbury says:. May 8, at pm.

Rebecca says:. ASG says:. Bidulgi says:. May 10, at am. Joan says:. May 11, at am. May 12, at pm. NekoLover says:. May 16, at pm. Unicorn says:. May 18, at am. May 18, at pm. The weather in the backyard may sometimes be affected by the climate of the current season in Japan.

There will be times where snow will fall, sometimes not. There is no connection between the real weather and the one in the game. Patch 1. During this season, new objects are added to the each Remodel background. It stops or starts snowing at midnight of the player's local time. The background music theme also changes into a Christmas themed song. An Expansion may be purchased at the Shop for The space in which to place items is effectively doubled; it provides 2 Large spaces and 6 Small spaces or 10 Small spaces. However, an extra Food slot is added to the Yard, which needs to be refilled similarly to the first in order to keep attracting Cats in that half of the Yard.

The Expansion also unlocks the Remodeling feature. The gallery on the right shows the borders from indoors to outdoors for each Remodel. Once you unlock the Expansion, you can use the Remodel feature. Find this option under the "Other" tab in the Game Menu. Each Remodel has a different design, and has slightly different placements for Goodies. Once you purchase a style you can change between the ones you own, for free.

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Remodeling saves your toys' settings, and if you remodel back you will have the same setting again. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. December 15th, Snowy Remodels.