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If they do, it could mean the difference between winning a gold medal or not making it onto the podium at all. Improving the conversion rate on your ecommerce site is a similar pursuit of winning against your competitors and should be an ongoing task. There is always something else you can do to improve the customer experience and increase sales. Last week we looked at four conversion rate optimization CRO case studies that examined various challenges of running an online store. Apart from making actual sales, capturing email addresses of would-be customers is the most important thing a successful ecommerce site must achieve.

Email List Building via Pop-ups

It is usually done either through the shopping cart e. But there are many different ways to incentivize the ask. Not bad. The result? Still, even when taking that into account, the email capture contest worked very well. As you can see, there are multiple ways to convince visitors to give you their email addresses.

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Play around with your options and stick with what works best for you. Another important factor is timing. Do you display the offer in the beginning, in the middle of browsing, or just at the moment that visitors are about to leave? There are no right or wrong answers. It will always depend on what you sell and who your customer is.

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Experiment with displaying the offer at different times and use the best result moving forward. A customer adds a product to the shopping cart and clicks through to the checkout page. Whatever the reason, that customer is gone. It sounds and seems a bit gimmicky, I agree, but it also works.

Bionic Gloves Coupons

KUTOA tried it and saw their sales conversion almost triple from 0. Triple the sales with just this one small change. That means that for every four people that get to your checkout, only one of them ends up buying. Their hypothesis was that by having so many prominent boxes, it was confusing customers and driving them away or to look for discount codes.

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After running the test for well over a month, the results were positive. Their primary goal was to increase revenue both as a whole and on a per visitor basis, and they succeeded in both. The variation increased revenue per visitor by While the test was successful in bringing in more revenue, it did so by eliminating all gift cards and discount codes which are not ideal.

Gifts cards and especially discounts codes can drive real traffic and extra sales. To combat this, companies are using different tactics. While others are showing coupons on the actual product and checkout pages like Myntra :. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure that your decision is based on actual testing data and not just your gut feeling.

That would be a mistake. You see, results are not counted on how many people added items to their shopping cart and rather on how many of them ended up buying. Sometimes tests that show great promise on whatever action was tested end up making fewer sales. This is a screenshot of what the variation page without the code fields looked like:.

The tests proved the hypothesis.

Expired Bionic gloves Coupons

Revenue per visitor too went up by a substantial By showing the Promo Code field on the cart, users were enticed to leave the site in search of a promo code. At that point, the conversion process is interrupted and you are more likely to lose potential customers. As such, hiding it was a very logical test. If you are an avid online shopper, chances are that you too have displayed similar behavior.

As David pointed out, this tendency creates a number of risks for online stores:.

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Depending on how the store structures its discount schemes, this approach could even help increase average order value by encouraging buyers to buy more things e. Industry Specialty Retail.

Company Size 1—10 employees. Location UK. About Bionic Gloves Bionic Gloves designs and sells a range of specialist gloves for golf, fitness and more.